Back and Better Than Ever: The Return of the California U•BASS®

Back and Better Than Ever: The Return of the California U•BASS®

Ten years ago, the California U•BASS® made its debut in the Kala USA line. Known for its quality craftsmanship, versatility, and head-turning low end, this beloved series has an established legacy among professionals in the bass industry. As the instrument reached more players, the demand for further setup nuances and string options expanded. After a few years of research and development, Kala has returned with a more adjustable version of the instrument that maintains its stylistic and tonal integrity.

The newest generation of California U•BASS offers a refined approach to Kala’s original short-scale solid body bass design. Every California U•BASS is handcrafted at the Kala USA Workshop in Petaluma, California. Boasting exceptionally deep lows and outstanding build quality, it makes a perfect fit for the next-level bass player. Specialty components have been added to deliver the huge low end and versatility this series is known for. Graph Tech’s HeliumX® Bridge with Ghost® Saddles provides adjustability for flawless intonation, and the LR Baggs custom preamp produces incredible bass tone with clarity in the mid-range and upper registers. Each California U•BASS comes with a Deluxe Padded Gig Bag.

Kala will release eight options of California U•BASS which include either Big Leaf Maple or Hawaiian Koa top, 4 or 5 strings, and fretted or fretless configurations. Initial models will be released with La Bella Silver Plated Round Wound strings. Kala’s classic Road Toad polyurethane strings will be offered as an alternate option at a later time (release date is pending). Flatwound strings are currently not an option for the California U-BASS.

Standard features include:

  • LR Baggs Custom Preamp
  • 21 Inch Scale (4-String); 23.5 Inch Scale (5-String)
  • Swamp Ash Body
  • Graph Tech’s HeliumX® Bridge with Ghost® Saddles
  • La Bella Silver Plated Round Wound Strings
  • Includes Deluxe Padded Gig Bag with Neck Rest & Tool Kit for Set-up
  • UV-Satin Finish
  • Magnetic Backplate

    California U•BASS goes live for sale at on Tuesday, June 18th, 2024 at 12pm Pacific Time.

    For further product questions, please contact our Service Team:

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