Edú Bega Performs at Kala HQ

Edú Bega Performs at Kala HQ

Edú Bega is a Dominican singer-songwriter and record producer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Edú's musical journey began at an early age, fueled by his deep passion for music and his desire to craft a unique and infectious sound that transcends borders and resonates with a global audience. His heartfelt lyrics, infused with personal experiences and universal emotions, strike a chord with listeners, connecting on a profound level. His melodies have a way of weaving themselves into the hearts of those who listen, leaving a lasting impact. Edú released his latest album "Tú y Yo" in September 2023, which is available on all major streaming platforms. "Tú y Yo" is a blend of Edú's Caribbean roots with the other music styles that have influenced the artist (Pop, Rock, Country, Reggae). His music serves as a testament to the universal language of music and its ability to bridge cultural divides.

Ukulele is the primary instrument that Edú uses for his songwriting, and we first discovered him serenading with a Kala ukulele on Instagram. He happens to live near Kala Headquarters in the Bay Area, and we were so excited to invite him and his awesome band in for a live session. 

Clad with a Kala Solid Mahogany Thinline Steel guitar, Black Journeyman Mahogany Acoustic-Electric U•BASS® and a Striped Ebony Cajon, guitarist/vocalist Michael Hill, bassist Caleb Newberry, and percussionist Nick Carico held down gorgeous acoustic instrumentation under Edú’s sincere and moving vocals. They carried us through three of Edú’s original songs; Échate Pa’cá, La Culpa, and Love Is in the Air.

Edú plays a Kala Archtop Sunburst Tenor Ukulele w/ EQ and a Makala Concert Ukulele w/ EQ. You can find more info about Edú’s recordings and upcoming live performances on his website. You can also access videos, social media handles, and more on his Linktree.

Échate Pa’cá:

La Culpa:

Love Is in the Air:

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