Kala Striped Ebony Tenor Ukulele on a Surfing Trip

Ukulele and Surfing

Ask around and many will tell you that the ukulele is the instrument they most associate with the surfing. The connection between ukulele and surfing goes back to both of their introduction to the Hawaiian Islands and their development and advancement after arriving. These endeavors found a cultural connection with each other that allowed them to influence one another. The easy going vibe of both cultures was a natural fit, nurturing a fun, laid back lifestyle.

Ukulele and surfing go hand in hand as they both offer an escape from the daily grind that will make you smile, bring you joy, and recharge your soul. They each had a resurgence in the 1900s that ebbed and waned through the years but both are still thriving today, bringing people together and helping create connections and friendships. The fun of ukulele and surfing helps create bonds that encourage and inspire others to get better and take them to new heights.

Kala Ukadelic and Waterman Ukulele at the Beach

We offer some great ukes that are perfect to take to the beach on your next surfing trip. The Kala Waterman and Ukadelic lines are full of colorful ukes made of durable plastic designed with surfing and outdoor lifestyles in mind. The sturdy, water-resistant plastic will hold up in all weather and conditions. These instruments are offered at a very affordable price even with nickel-plated open gear tuners and Aquila Super Nylgut® strings.

Kala Makala Shark Headstocks at the Beach

There are also many Makala ukes that would brighten up your next wave. The colorful Makala Sharks and Dolphins are available in a variety of colors in soprano and concert sizes. These painted wooden ukes have the classic ukulele sound, all at an affordable price point. The Makala Classic ukes are made of Mahogany and have a vintage ukulele look. Makala Classics come in all sizes and we also offer models with built-in electronics for those looking to go from the beach straight to a gig or jam session with friends.

Kala Gloss Mahogany Tenor Ukulele at the Beach

There is an assortment of wood options of Kala ukulele, but some of the best suited for an adventurous surfer are the KA-15 Series. You can choose from Mahogany and Spruce options and the KA-15 Series is getting expanded in 2018 and will include concert and tenor sizes, a long neck soprano, and a black satin Mahogany soprano. If you want more style, we have Satin Mahogany, Gloss Mahogany, and Exotic Mahogany lines with ukes in all sizes to fit any player, including 6- and 8-string tenors, many options with built-in electronics, a pineapple soprano, and ukes with a blue satin finish. Hop in a hammock with any of these ukes and play the day away.

Kala ukes are available in surf shops all across the country. Check our dealer locator here to find the closest Kala dealer to you.

Have you taken your uke on any surfing trips? Where have you taken it? What other activities does your uke make better? Let us know in the comments.

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