Tone Trials - Alexander Pedals Sky Fi

Tone Trials - Alexander Pedals Sky Fi

While looking for inspiration in new sounds, we reached out to some amazing pedal builders for help. We were lucky enough to have some accept our challenge and send us their wares to test out. We’ll be testing them out on both ukulele and U•Bass and hope we can inspire you with some new and interesting sounds.

Welcome to the second installment of Tone Trials!

If you missed last week's trial you can see it here.

This installment features the Sky Fi from Alexander Pedals paired with a Kala Elite USA Doghair Mahogany Baritone ukulele. The Sky Fi is a delay and reverb pedal with three modes to help bring in ambient tones and textures. The Wash, Gleam, and Echo modes let you to bring in shimmers, swells, and oscillations that can get out of this world in a hurry. The heavenly glow of this pedal's sound will take you way out on waves of blissful delay. In this video Sam shows a few different sounds available in this shimmering delay and reverb pedal.

In-depth descriptions and purchasing information can be found here.

What pedals are you using with you uke or U•Bass? Let us know in the comments.

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