Kala Brand Music Co. 2018 New U•Bass Spread

NAMM 2018 New U•Bass Preview

Leading up to Winter NAMM we are previewing new instruments and updates to some of your favorite Kala instruments. We went over new accessories and updates and improvements to instruments in an earlier post that you can check out here. Today we are excited to share the new additions to our line of the original short scale U•Bass that will be making their debut at NAMM.

This year Kala is offering our most affordable U•Bass models yet. Our budget-conscious U•Bass models include the Wanderer, Passenger, and Journeyman (coming soon). Made of Mahogany in a satin finish, they use the same design and have the same booming sound that has been turning heads for years. These three new U•Basses come equipped with black die cast tuners, Aquila Thundergut® strings, and a Kala UK-500B preamp with EQ and built-in tuner. All three will be available as fretted models.

Kala Brand Music Co. Wanderer U•Bass

The Wanderer is the simplest of these new models, stripped down to the bare essentials for our most inexpensive U•Bass yet. The Wanderer comes with a natural look in a no-frills package and maintains the upright bass sound that the U•Bass is known for. This will make an excellent first bass or addition to your arsenal. The Wanderer will help you find your way!

Kala Brand Music Co. Passenger U•Bass

The Passenger is the second of our new economical U•Basses. The Passenger features a subtle, stylish white binding and rosette as ornamentation for a classic appearance. The Passenger has all the thunder of the U•Bass and is great for practice or gigging. The Passenger will accompany you anywhere you go!

Kala Brand Music Co. Journeyman U•Bass

The Journeyman is the grandest model in our new U•Bass line with a white binding, decorative f-holes, and a cutaway. The Journeyman is great for gigging, looks sharp, and won’t break the bank. Hone your skills and perfect your craft, this U•Bass is made to take you as far as you want to go. The Journeyman will set you on your way to becoming a master!

Kala Brand Music Co. Striped Ebony U•Bass

Also new for 2018 is the Striped Ebony U•Bass (coming soon). This beautiful U•Bass has a deep brown color with reddish-brown striping in a satin finish. The Maple binding creates a striking contrast with the Striped Ebony body, helping the wood grain stand out. The well-known thump of the U•Bass is now available in stunning Striped Ebony. They come equipped with a GraphTech TUSQ® nut, Hipshot Ultralite™ tuners, and a Shadow® U•Bass NFX preamp with EQ and built-in tuner.  The Striped Ebony U•Bass will be available in fretted and fretless models with Road Toad Pahoehoe strings, the fretted model will also be available with optional Kala Round Wound strings.

We will be previewing more of our new additions in the days leading up to NAMM, so check back to learn more.

If you’ll be attending NAMM, stop by booth #4804 in Hall D to say “hi” and check out all the new and updated products for 2018.

Which new U•Bass are you most excited to play? Let us know in the comments.

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