The Kala Journeyman

The Kala Journeyman

The Kala Journeyman came onto the scene this year at Winter NAMM 2018.

The Journeyman is an innovation in U•Bass with great style and reasonable price point while maintaining the classic U•Bass sound.

The Kala U•Bass has always been beloved for its unique look, feel, portability, and giant low end. When approaching the design of the Journeyman, the first thing we wanted to do was give our next U•Bass a make-over in appearance. We took inspiration directly from our Kala Jazz Tenor Archtops and added stylish f-holes, white binding, and beautiful sounding white Aquila Thundergut strings made in Italy. The result of employee and customer feedback bring a U•Bass to market at a great price.

The look of the U•Bass has gone through subtle changes throughout its lifetime and we’re always looking to add to the variety of tonal and aesthetic choices our customers can choose from, in fact the whole Kala U•Bass line got an update for 2018, but the creation of The Journeyman is a particularly large step in providing a new option for players. With its stylish new look, big, deep, upright-like sound, and a price point that makes this instrument one of the most affordable U•Basses yet, The Journeyman is a great place for someone to jump into the world of U•Bass.

Due to the interest of the new Journeyman U•Bass we have developed two new variations coming soon: The Black Journeyman and The Red Journeyman will be available late 2018.

Have any questions about the Kala Journeyman? Any suggestions for the future of U•Bass? Let us know in the comments and have a great day! Thanks for reading!

May 08, 2018 by Nicholas Cafiero
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