Kala Artist Ian Clarkson of Jive Aces

Born in the Liverpool area, Ian Clarkson got his musical start singing to entertain his family as a boy. Ian would later move to London to learn trumpet, where he would also meet most of the members who would fill out the Jive Aces, forming in 1989. Ian took up ukulele after being gifted one for Christmas by his wife and incorporated it into their Jive and Swing sound. A video for their version of “Bring Me Sunshine” went viral in 2011, bringing them worldwide recognition. With the Jive Aces, Ian has performed for Her Majesty the Queen, performed with Van Morrison and John Travolta, and toured around the world. The Jive Aces continue to write, record, and perform today.


Ukulele of Choice

Archtop Sunburst Burst Tenor (KA-JTE/2TS)
Solid Cedar Acacia Tenor (KA-ATP-CTG)


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