Ukulele Artists

Taking the main stage with their ukulele in-hand, these phenomenal artists have helped to redefine the instrument in the modern age. Coming from all different backgrounds and cultures, they each bring their own style to the Kala Ukulele. We are so proud to work with each and every one. Check out their profiles to learn more and hear their music.
Vance Joy
James Keogh was born in Melbourne, Australia, and took the stage name Vance Joy from a character in...
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Tyler Joseph

(Twenty One Pilots)

Tyler Joseph was born in Columbus, OH, the eldest of four siblings. Tyler is a founding member of...
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Born and raised in Oakland, mxmtoon is a self-made singer-songwriter catapulted to the forefront of the indie pop...
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Walk Off The Earth
Walk Off The Earth is an unconventional indie pop outfit formed in 2006 in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  The...
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At just 25, dodie has already done a lot of living. Some of that has played out online...
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John Driskell Hopkins

(Zac Brown Band)

Born in San Antonio, TX, and raised in Gainesville, GA, John Driskell Hopkins is best known for his...
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Mandy Harvey
Mandy Harvey makes the impossible possible. Recognized for her inspiring performances on America's Got Talent, the singer-songwriter proved to...
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John Atkins

(The Ukulele Teacher)

John Atkins got his start as The Ukulele Teacher when a video he made as a joke for...
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Matt Ochoa

(Dirty Heads)

Following in the footsteps of their California brothers Sublime, Huntington Beach's Dirty Heads mix hip-hop, reggae, and rock...
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Kevin Presbrey

(All For Uke)

Midwestern born singer-songwriter + ukulele influencer Kevin Presbrey has worked in the music industry in several capacities for...
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Young the Giant
Assembled in Irvine, CA, in 2004, indie rock band Young the Giant were initially called The Jakes when...
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Sunny and The Black Pack
In 2015, Sunny Promyotin began pursuing his masterful vision to create a band that challenges the status quo...
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Rob Scallon
Rob Scallon is a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist from Chicago. He started playing drums in fourth grade, and later took...
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Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
Formed in 1985, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain is an ensemble of ukuleles in different registers with...
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Santiago Prieto

(Monsieur Periné)

Monsieur Periné is the Grammy Award-winning duo of Catalina García and Santiago Prieto — born and raised in...
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Cyrille Aimée
Improvisation is not just a technique for Grammy nominated artist Cyrille Aimée, it’s a way of life. The...
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Ali'i Keanaaina
Award-winning Hawaiian singer-songwriter Ali'i Keanaaina seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music. After winning the 2010 Clyde "Kindy"...
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Kaleo Wassman


Kailua-Kona born and raised, Kaleo Wassman is one of reggae-rock's most beloved musicians, songwriters and collaborators. Best known...
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Vana Liya
Nirvana Goberdhan a.k.a Vana Liya is based in Santa Cruz, CA but grew up outside New York City....
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Trish Jetton


HIRIE front woman Trish Jetton is high energy and hard work personified. For the past three years, she...
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Raised on Oahu, Kevin Bong, aka 'KBong', is a multi-instrumental artist who is well known for his key...
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Grecia is by far one of the most versatile developing latin artists of 2021 and with the most...
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Daudia is the internationally-acclaimed duo of Italian singer-songwriters Davide and Claudia, known for their seamless harmonies, intimate arrangements,...
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Boris Mogilevski
Boris Mogilevski is a musician, composer performer, online educator and university lecturer based in The Netherlands. As the legend...
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Every time the Maui-based jam-band Kanekoa takes the stage, their improvisational blend of Hawaiian, rock, folk, blues, reggae,...
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Anthony Stanley
Ukulele virtuoso and composer, Anthony Ka’uka Stanley is the youngest son of renowned Kumu (hula teacher) Kathy Heali’i...
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Duke Tatom


Robert Duke Tatom is a ukulele player from the Big Island of Hawaii. Duke plays ukulele for Nā...
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Ari Chi
Ari Chi is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist & producer currently based in Florida. In January of 2015 Ari...
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Stan Hill

(Eat My Uke)

Stan Hill (Eat My Uke) is a UK-based music and video creator using the ukulele to explore the...
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Ukulenny was born Lendl San Jose in San Diego, CA, and received musical guidance from his brother, sisters,...
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Emily Arrow
Based in Houston, TX, Emily Arrow creates music inspired by literature for children. Her goal is not only...
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Peter Luongo
Peter Luongo is the founder and former Musical Director of The Langley Ukulele Ensemble. The ensemble became internationally...
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Victoria Vox
Victoria Vox (née Victoria Davitt) is a singer/songwriter and musician who was raised in Green Bay, WI. Victoria...
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Born Emilie Sunshine Hamilton and captivated from a young age by “salt of the earth” mountain music and...
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Eva Mikhailovna

(Eva & the Vagabond Tales)

  Eva Mikhailovna is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and artist that creates honest and sentimental music for old...
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Julia Nunes
Julia Nunes was born into a musical family in Fairport, NY, her father a pianist and composer of...
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Alyssa Trahan
A jill-of-all-trades, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Alyssa is the real deal. Growing up in the small town...
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Ariana Savalas
Ariana Savalas gained international fame as one of the founding members of vintage phenomenon, Postmodern Jukebox. A singer,...
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Ian Clarkson

(Jive Aces)

Born in the Liverpool area, Ian Clarkson got his musical start singing to entertain his family as a...
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Leslie "Bimwala" Ludiazo

(J Boog)

Leslie “Bimwala” Ludiazo​ (better known as Les) is a x2 Grammy-nominated producer, chart-topping musician, and trailblazing music executive...
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Tammy Byerly
Tammy Byerly is a singer-songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area and part of the Black Pack Family...
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Avonlea Martin is a singer/songwriter from Santa Rosa, CA who began playing music after letting her parents store...
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Hula Hi-Fi
As a multi-instrumentalist and producer in Nashville, Josh Kaler had spent the better part of a decade helping...
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Wheeland Brothers
From San Onofre, CA, the Wheeland Brothers core members are brothers Nate Frogg and Travis, often backed up...
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The Dales
The Dales are a band carried by three-part harmonies and a deep appreciation for classic songwriting. They are...
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Arden Jones
21 year old Arden Jones was born in Marin County, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, and...
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Antara Nandy

(Antara Nandy/Nandy Sisters)

Antara Nandy is a budding young playback singer from India. She often collaborates with her sister, Ankita, as...
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Maka Gallinger
Ukulele artist and singer-songwriter Maka Gallinger is a recording artist and accomplished performer on the Big Island of...
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