Kala Ambassador - Invisible Wave

Nikhil is the executive director of the nonprofit movement Invisible Wave: an organization that helps young adults (18-35 year olds) with chronic conditions get quality health care and support.  After seeing his sister struggle with a chronic condition growing up, his goal is to help get equal care and support for Young Adults with Chronic Illnesses. He built the movement with their partner and parent organization Physician Parent Caregivers (PPC).

Through the partnership with Kala, Nikhil and Invisible Wave hope to help bring a sense of calm and peace to their population through their journey navigating a chronic condition. 

Kala Artist Kaleo Wassman is also the Official Spokesperson of Invisible Wave!

Invisible Waves

Ukulele Philosophy
When you need a moment of calm and peace, the Ukulele is a perfect choice to help achieve it. It’s helped me so much in terms of controlling stress and anxiety, and I hope the rest of the world can experience that as well.
Tip for Beginners
I’m a beginner myself, but like anything else - practice makes perfect.

Ukulele of Choice

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Ambassador on the Web
Website: https://www.invisiblewave.org/
Twitter: @InvisibleWave_
Facebook: invisiblewavemovement
Instagram: invisiblewavemovement