Kala Ambassador - Noémie Tahiti

Noemie, also known as Noemie Tahiti, is a young and talented artist who plays both the ukulele & guitar and sings in French, English and the Maohi language.

Noemie lives on the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia, where she landed with her family 5 years ago. She discovered the Polynesian ukulele at school in 4th grade, and practiced ceaselessly on her school’s ukulele before receiving an amazing birthday present from her grandparents in 2018: a Makala Concert Ukulele. It was on this instrument that she learned her first 2 songs: “Apepe” by Teiva LC, a polynesian song in Maohi, and “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. By the end of 2018, she had a goal and a dream: to become an artist and a singer.

In the year that followed, Noemie won the Le Grand Casting singing contest and began studying with vocal coach Bruno Demougeot, performing at hotels, festivals, and bars throughout Tahiti. Further, Noemie successfully passed the blind auditions of The Voice Kids France and kicked off her Kala collaboration with her Pacific Walnut Tenor Ukulele. Within the same year, she has recorded and released three original songs written by her parents (“Rendez-vous,” “Porinetia mon Amour,” and “Dear Mister Presidents.”)

In addition to her ukulele, Noemie continues to strengthen her skills as a guitar player with her Kala Parlor Guitar.

Ukulele Philosophy
Whatever people think or say, live you dreams and go for it; I just love to share emotions and be in my cocoon on stage.
Tip for Beginners
Your fingertips might hurt a little bit at first  but don’t worry and hold on-- It just takes a couple of weeks and the discomfort will disapear and you’ll see the magic operate.
Ukulele of Choice
Pacific Walnut Concert

Ambassador on the Web
Facebook: noemietahitiofficiel
Instagram: noemie_tahiti_the_voice_kids7