Kala Ukulele Artist Avonlea Martin with her Custom Kala Elite USA Nova Concert Ukulele

Avonlea Martin is a singer/songwriter from Santa Rosa, CA, who began playing music after letting her parents store an upright piano in her bedroom when she was 10. This helped Avonlea become serious about songwriting, primarily teaching herself piano and guitar before taking up the ukulele. In the ensuing years she has written more than 60 original songs. In 2014, she won first prize in the International Songwriter’s Competition teen division for her song “Your One,” earning a scholarship to Berklee College of Music’s 5 Week Performance Program in Boston. She is also an advocate for at-risk youth, donating her time teaching ukulele and performing at benefits. Avonlea continues to write, collaborate, record, and perform.


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Kala Elite USA Custom Concert


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