Kala Artist - Eva Mikhailovna


Eva Mikhailovna is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and artist that creates honest and sentimental music for old souls. She values raw openness and sincerity and hopes to translate that in her songwriting and performances. She has released three full-length albums, as well as an EP and multiple singles under her music group project “Eva and the Vagabond Tales”. The group’s live shows feature a variety of unique instrumentation, humorous story telling, occasional tap dancing, and vintage atmosphere. One can occasionally find the “antique pop” group serenading crowds at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA where they can be caught playing their original songs as well as special takes on Disney classics.

The music has been featured in NPR Variety shows and commercials around the world. More recently, Mikhailovna toured across the United States with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox, singing and playing guitar, ukulele, accordion and upright bass. “It’s hard to say who or what she sounds like, which is extremely refreshing and gives hope that in an age where we think we have heard it all, maybe we haven’t. With several music releases under her belts, Eva has found a way to break barriers as a rising artist and got the attention and support of NPR - cementing her as an artist with something real to give to our ears.”- Buzz Music, 2019 

Ukulele of Choice
Archtop Sunburst Burst Tenor (KA-JTE/2TS)

Artist on the Web
Website: https://www.evaandthevagabondtales.com/
Twitter: @EvaMikhailovna
Facebook: thevagabondtales
Instagram: evaandthevagabonds
Youtube: Eva and the Vagabond Tales