Kala Artist - Grecia

Grecia is by far one of the most versatile developing latin artists of 2021 and with the most promising future. Mastering her craft with some of the best songwriters and producers in Mexico, Grecia has developed a very unique style of singing and songwriting. The 28 year-old artist’s singing abilities range anywhere from reggaeton and pop to romantic ballads.

Grecia wields her ukulele with ease in both pop productions, acoustic arrangements, and live shows alike, bringing the ukulele to the forefront with songs like "Siempre Tú," "Amor," and "Arrebatada."

Ukulele of Choice
Hawaiian Koa Gloss Concert Cutaway w/ EQ
Artist on the Web
Twitter: @AyGreciaa
Facebook: Grecia
Instagram: grecia
Youtube: Grecia