Kala Artist Kevin Presbrey

Midwestern born singer-songwriter + ukulele influencer Kevin Presbrey has worked in the music industry in several capacities for twenty-plus years. After a decade of touring with his alt-rock band Painkiller Hotel, his fateful discovery of a Kala tenor ukulele in Davenport, Iowa shifted his musical path in a slightly different, very cool direction. 

Upon linking up with Nashville based producer Skylar Wilson, Kevin went on to release his first ukulele driven singles “Seaside” and “Miss Sunny Day.” While performing throughout the US in support of his Falling Together EP, he subsequently launched his YouTube fueled ukulele tutorial platform, AllForUke. 

AllForUke has allowed Kevin to find a balance between sharing his affection for ukulele through performance and teaching. The mission is ultimately to bring people together through playing ukulele. 

Ukulele of Choice
Gloss Mahogany Long Neck Soprano
Artist on the Web

Website: https://www.allforuke.com/
Facebook: AllForUke
Instagram: allforuke