Kala Artist Mandy Harvey

Mandy Harvey makes the impossible possible. Recognized for her inspiring performances on America's Got Talent, the singer-songwriter proved to the world that you're stronger than the barriers you face every day. Since losing her hearing, the Kala Artist has found herself on a global stage, serving as an inspiration to those with and without disabilities.

"Music is part of the soul," explains Mandy. "It's odd when people put you in a box and say who you are. What you're capable of. You can do so many seemingly impossible things. It happens because you do it. If we encourage each other instead of limiting potential, it would be unbelievable. Think of what the world would be like if we lifted each other up all the time."

Today, Mandy can be seen playing a huge selection of her Kala instruments from over the years, including her Mandy Harvey Learn To Play Signature Series Tenor Ukulele, her more compact Mandy Harvey Signature Concert Ukulele, and more.


Ukulele of Choice

Mandy Harvey Learn To Play Signature Series Tenor Ukulele (KALA-LTP-MH)

Mandy Harvey Signature Concert Ukulele (KA-MANDY-C)

Custom Kala® Elite USA Tenor Ukulele

Solid Spruce Top Mahogany Scallop Tenor (KA-SPT-SC)


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