Kala Artist Rob Scallon

Rob Scallon is a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist from Chicago. He started playing drums in fourth grade, and later took up guitar, bass, ukulele, cello, banjo, and piano. His ukulele playing came to national attention from Youtube videos where he arranged and covered heavy metal songs on non-metal instruments. Rob’s first heavy metal ukulele cover of Slayer’s “War Ensemble” featured him on a Kala ukulele! That video, along with many of Rob's others, have gone viral and united music lovers and aficionados of every genre under Rob's unique brand of musical ingenuity and exploration. With over 2 million YouTube subscribers, Rob operates his channel as a full-time job and has released multiple successful solo albums, EPs. He continues to explore all that our world's music and instruments have to offer, occasionally showcasing his Kala ukulele and U•BASS® collection in the most unexpected ways!

Ukulele of Choice
Satin Mahogany KA-15 Soprano (KA-15S)
Artist on the Web
Website: robscallon.com  
Twitter: @RobScallon
Facebook: robscallon
Instagram: RobScallonMusic
Youtube: Rob Scallon