Kala Artist - Young the Giant

Assembled in Irvine, CA, in 2004, indie rock band Young the Giant were initially called The Jakes when they formed, but adopted the Young the Giant moniker in late 2009. They have released four critically-acclaimed albums, seeing their first two singles reach the top five of the US Alternative Songs charts.  Young the Giant also recorded a memorable session for MTV’s Unplugged in 2011.  Young the Giant featured the Kala Travel Tenor ukulele in their ""In The Open"" video series, and our manufacturing team made a Custom Tenor Elite USA Ukulele for lead singer Sameer Gadhia for future recordings. Young the Giant continues to write and tour, converting new fans with their brand of modern and infectious indie rock.

Ukulele of Choice
Solid Spruce Travel Tenor  (KA-SSTU-T) 
Artist on the Web
Website: youngthegiant.com
Twitter: @youngthegiant
Facebook: youngthegiant
Instagram: youngthegiant
Youtube: Young the Giant