U•BASS Artist - Magnus Sjöquist

A versatile bassist and teaching artist from Sweden, Magnus Sjöquist was one of the earliest and most spirited adopters of the U•BASS®. Just a couple years after the first introduction of the U•BASS® as an instrument, Magnus created Play U•BASS: a personal blog dedicated to his observations, experimentation, and playing experiences with the U•BASS. In the years since, Magnus has been a frequent collaborator with Kala, joining our band booth at several NAMM shows to play and improvise alongside the likes of Bakithi Kumalo.

Magnus has been playing bass some 35+ years. He started out in local rock bands playing in his friends basement and garage, followed by years of studying bass and music, including taking bass lessons and meeting future collaborators while studying at a ”folkhogskola” in Sweden in the late 1980s. Magnus graduated in 1996 from the University of Orebro with a Masters Degree for Fine Art in Music Education. He has been kept plenty busy in the years since with playing gigs across a variety of genres and teaching students of his own.

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