Kala U•Bass Artist Tarron Crayton

Hailing from Memphis, TN, Kala U•Bass artist Tarron Crayton has worked with some of music's biggest names. Currently playing with Demi Lovato, Tarron has also played with Post Malone, Ciara, Juicy J from Three6Mafia, TI, Estelle and many more! 

"The U-Bass is amazing! The sound is so crazy! People are going crazy over [it]." 

Crayton can be seen on Demi Lovato's World Tour playing the Kala Ebony Acoustic-Electric U•Bass. Tour stops include the UK, Spain, France, and North and South America. 

U•Bass of Choice

Striped Ebony Acoustic-Electric U•Bass (UBASS-EBY-FS)

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