Dirty Heads
Following in the footsteps of their California brothers Sublime, Huntington Beach's Dirty Heads mix hip-hop, reggae, and rock along with that laid-back South Cali attitude. The group formed in 2003 when punk rocker Dustin Bushnell (aka Duddy B) asked his friend, rapper Jared Watson (aka Dirty J), to collaborate on a project that would focus on positive vibes and infectious grooves. Watson added singing to his vocal skills, and with percussionist Jon Olazabal, an acoustic trio version of Dirty Heads began playing shows and building an audience.

Over 15 years and 7 hit albums later, the now-veteran band continues to refine and redefine American alternative. The ukulele weaves in effortlessly with these surf-infused acoustic guitar hits.

Ukulele of Choice
Solid Acacia Tenor Cutaway w/ EQ
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