Stan Hill (Eat My Uke)
Stan Hill (Eat My Uke) is a UK-based music and video creator using the ukulele to explore the world of music. A prolific and versatile creator, his Top 50 albums project saw him arranging, learning and performing medleys of classic albums, one a week for a whole year. His videos have been recognized and praised by artists such as Guns N Roses, Television, Fat Freddy’s Drop and The Streets. No, he does not eat ukuleles. He continues his ukulele album project today, uploading new album arrangements on his channel every week. He has amassed over 57,000 subscribers across 150+ videos, consistently pushing the boundary of cross-genre arrangements with his trusted team of Kala ukuleles.

Ukulele of Choice
Honduran Mahogany Doghair Tenor

Artist on the Web
Twitter: @eat_my_uke
Facebook: eatmyuke
Instagram: eatmyuke