Aquila Flat Spiral U•BASS® Set

Model: AQ-FS-4


These strings are truly innovative for at least two reasons. First, they do not use metals like steel or nickel that are stiff, but instead they use copper that is softer and has higher density and result in richer acoustic performance. In fact, the higher the density, the better the sound. Second, these strings feature a bioplastic monofilament core called 'Sugar', which is exclusively produced by Aquila on a global scale. Sugar has been proven to have superior acoustic performance compared to other plastic materials, as evidenced by laboratory measurements. 

Only compatible with 4-string Acoustic-Electric Kala U•BASS®.

*Modifications to the nut slots and string holes by an experienced instrument technician may be required. As a streamlined alternative to modifications to the existing nut, the Flat Wound U•BASS® Nut by TUSQ® is available for purchase, to be installed by an experienced instrument technician only.  Due to the change to a higher tension as well, a truss rod adjustment is also recommended.

**Not for use on Solid Body U•BASS®

***Modifications performed by the user will void the manufacturer warranty. Please also note that Kala is not responsible for damages to instruments caused by new string installments.

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