5 Power Travel Tips to Help You Hit The Road Like a Pro

5 Power Travel Tips to Help You Hit The Road Like a Pro

The season of summer travel is around the corner. With graduations, vacations, weddings and summer tours, we're out to help ease the stress of travel with tips from Kala industry pros.

When you receive the call to head out on a new gig or tour, always do some research on the gig so you won’t go in totally blind.
-Cedric Crout, Pro Tour Guitar, Bass and Keys Tech

Each venue has its quirks so don't get caught flat-footed. The best way to come in prepared to an unknown venue is to scout the location online and reach out to your network. Yelp is a tremendous resource for understanding the overall vibe of a venue. Check with other players for any behind-the-scenes feedback and use your fanbase to crowdsource additional information.


Pack extra instrument and charging cables and leave them in your bag.
-Sam Smiley, Kala Instructor and Sales Lead

Backups are only useful if you know where they are. To help alleviate the stress of scouring for a backup cable, keep a pouch in your travel bag specifically for your backup cables. Treat them like a spare tire in your car. The only reason that you are opening that pouch is that you are stuck in an emergency and there are no other options.


Always take valuables and instruments out of your vehicle.
-Alex Fisher, Kala Ukulele Artist

Break-ins are no fun, especially while on tour! While clearing your car out with each stop of the tour might seem like an inconvenience, it pales in comparison to losing any of your instruments to theft.


Be flexible.

-Nick Fletcher, Kala Artist Relations

Recognize that things will go wrong while on the road for an extended period of time. Most of the time, it is something that is out of your control. When something does pop up, don't forget to breathe! Give yourself some flexibility and it will be easier to find a solution to the problem.


When traveling, pack as light as possible.

-Tarron Crayton, Kala U•Bass Artist

Don't pack your house to go on a road trip. Keep it light and simple, including your backup cables, and you should be set! Call us biased but we think the ukulele is the perfect lightweight travel companion! Whether you're hitting the road with a Travel Tenor or taking to the beach with your Waterman, we're just happy that a little piece of Kala will be a part of your summer travel memories!


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