The Case For Ukulele Capos

The Case For Ukulele Capos

The capo, one of the simplest yet most effective ways to change your instrument’s tuning on the fly. A simple clamp that covers all of your strings and allows you to play in different keys without altering the finger formations of chords. A capo can make your life easy when learning a new song in a key you’re not comfortable with yet.




If you’re playing with a singer and they are struggling to sing in the key you are playing in, it might be worth getting out your capo and trying out a key more suitable for the singer’s range. You can move the capo up and down the fretboard until you and the singer have reached a point of satisfaction.

In a live setting a capo can be invaluable. Have a tricky song in an unfamiliar key? Only familiar with basic chord shapes, yet need to play more unfamiliar chords. Get that capo out, put it on the appropriate fret, and you’re good to go! Songs with many tricky bar chords can also be played easier with a capo as well because the capo acts as the finger you would’ve had barring the chord.

Because your capo is featured literally right on your ukulele it is important to pick a capo that looks good to you and natural on your instrument. To help with this we’ve developed three capos for the Kala ukulele that both look good and work great! Our capos are super durable, very easy to use, and designed to fit any size ukulele. We’ve integrated soft silicone pads that will keep your ukulele safe from scratches. We also opted for natural textures and colors on these capos so that they can more seamlessly blend in with or compliment most instruments.

These capos come in Walnut, Beechwood, and Black and can be acquired right here:


If you have any questions regarding Kala Capos or suggestions for future blog posts let us know right here in the comments! 

March 02, 2020 by Nicholas Cafiero
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