What to Do With a 6 or 8 String Ukulele

What to Do With a 6 or 8 String Ukulele

Are you looking for something new to change up your sound? If you’re familiar with the sound of a twelve string guitar, then you already know that doubling your strings can really fill out the sound of your instrument. You don’t even have to learn new chord shapes. With a six or eight string ukulele, the same rules apply! You can quickly change up your tone and play style by adding a unique ukulele instrument to your collection. 

8-String Ukulele

Kala 8-String ukuleles have very distinct and recognizable voicings. While every string on the instrument is doubled, the G and C strings are specifically doubled with octaves, while the E and A strings are in unison with each other. This gives these ukuleles a rich, full, jangly sound not entirely unlike a mandolin. If you’re already skilled on the ukulele then you should have no trouble taking on this sound as the chord shapes are the same as a standard tuned ukulele.

On 8-String baritone ukuleles, a down strum can sound similar to a guitar with DGBE tuning, but an upstrum that emphasizes the doubled octave strings will sound closer to a traditional ukulele. This gives the player amazing flexibility with their tone if they can master this strumming technique. Try an 8-String ukulele if you’re looking for a way to change up your sound or if you’d like to add traditional folk sounding elements to your music. 

6-String Ukulele

Kala 6 string ukuleles are some of the more interesting options for ukulele players looking to diversify their sound. Not to be confused with the Guitarlele, the 6-String ukulele is similar to its 8-String variant as it too has double strings. However, The 6-String only has the A and C strings doubled with octaves. This gives the 6-String ukulele a very distinct voice from either standard or 8-String ukulele, with the doubled octave on the C string especially allowing the sound to shine through. Fingerpicking on a 6-String becomes instantly varied and tonally intriguing, while being no more difficult than a traditional 4-String ukulele. The lower octave A string also adds a nice amount of bass to the ukulele that really fattens up the tone while strumming.

A 6 or 8 string ukulele is a phenomenal choice for players looking to expand their sound and add a new unique element to their band or ensemble. 8-String ukuleles are perfect for players trying to enrich their sound while adding a traditional folk element to their music. 6-Strings are great for players looking to add interesting melody and range to their playstyle all while making good use of their pre-established ukulele skills. If you’re looking for a 6 or 8 string ukulele Kala has more offerings than any other ukulele brand. Check them out here:

Cedar Top 6-String Tenor

Solid Acacia Tenor 6-String

Cedar Top 8-String Tenor

Gloss Mahogany Tenor 8-String w/ EQ

Cedar Top 8-String Baritone

June 24, 2020 by Nicholas Cafiero
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