Kala Artist - Sunny and the Black Pack

In 2015, Sunny Promyotin began pursuing his masterful vision to create a band that challenges the status quo of the live music scene, with the ultimate desire to inject authenticity and passion back into live music. After securing over 300 shows in both 2018 and 2019, as well as, opening for Boz Scaggs and Matt Nathanson, Sunny and The Black Pack had earned their reputation as being one of the best live shows in the Bay Area. 

Once COVID hit, most performance opportunities shifted to online only. For most bands, this was devastating. However, Sunny had the foresight to establish himself and his band on multiple streaming platforms years before the pandemic hit. Now with over 6 million views online, Sunny and The Black Pack are poised to continue their rise as one of the best live performing bands no matter the venue.

Catch the next Sunny & The Black Pack stream on their Reddit, Twitch and YouTube channels.

Sunny Promyotin
A world class pianist, vocalist and ukulele soloist, Sunny takes the reigns of Sunny and The Black Pack and pushes the team to their utmost potential. His signature sound is described as an “improvisational, melodic and harmonious mashup of blues, funk, jazz and hip-hop.” His unique phrasing and unmatched passion can be felt in every note he plucks and every phrase he sings. With more than 20 years of experience in the music industry, he harnesses his past experiences to curate, compose and create the most incredible music he can.


Alex Rein
At 25 years old, Alex Rein has already established himself as one of the top guitar/ukulele players in the Bay Area. Whilst being a member of Sunny and The Black Pack, not only did Alex provide amazing musicianship to live performances, he also produced for the band. This experienced helped him hone his skills and he is now an accredited music producer for some of the top artists in the United States. His production work has allowed him to represent The Black Pack on national stages, opening up for artists like Joyner Lucas, Ice Cube, Meek Mill, Post Malone and Nicki Minaj. The sky is the limit for this young artist and his contribution to the local and national music scene is just now being defined.


Eric Keith Low
Eric Keith Low has always had a tremendous passion for music. Over the years, his passion has led him down many different musical directions from EDM production to acoustic songwriting and presently as the bassist for Sunny and The Black Pack. Music production is in Eric’s blood and his contribution given to Sunny and The Black Pack as a producer has helped shape the direction of the bands unique sound. After playing his first U•BASS over 5 years ago, Eric has been in love with the sound ever since and has made the Kala U•BASS his go-to instrument.

Artist on the Web
Website: https://www.blackpack.info/
Twitter: @BlackMedia
Facebook: SunnyAndTheBlackPack
Instagram: BlackMediaPresents
Youtube: BlackMediaPresents

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