Kala Artist John Atkins, The Ukulele Teacher

John Atkins got his start as The Ukulele Teacher when a video he made as a joke for a friend went viral in 2011. Within a month, the video had thousands of views and comments, inspiring John to create more videos. A few years later and he has 750,000+ subscribers and more than 300 videos with over 74 million views. Creating content for his Youtube channel is now his full-time job, with Lisa Loeb, Grace VanderWaal and Meghan Trainor complimenting his lessons and videos. In 2015, he was handpicked by Mark Ronson to record a new version of “Uptown Funk” at Abbey Road Studios. Originally from Bournemouth, England, John is now based in Los Angeles, adding at least two videos a week to his channel.


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