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Daudia is the internationally-acclaimed duo of Italian singer-songwriters Davide and Claudia, known for their seamless harmonies, intimate arrangements, and beautifully-staged music videos. They play piano, keyboard, guitar, ukulele, U•BASS® and both sing. Their career as a band began in late 2016, when they started posting covers on social media and performing in clubs around Italy. By the next year, Daudia had made their first appearance on national Italian TV (Canale 5) on The Winner Is talent show, and subsequently as a featured act in both The X Factor UK and The X Factor Romania.

In the following years, the duo's momentum continued to grow with their first Italian tour, a series of charting singles, and exposure from successful outings on contest shows like Area Sanremo. 2020 proved to be their biggest year since, with the pair going viral on social media with new song covers, collaborations, and original song "Ciao amore mio." Daudia's "Jerusalema acoustic version", arranged with ukulele and acoustic guitar has reached more than 10 million views online and 250k+ streams on Spotify, launching the band into a new phase of shows and TV appearances in South Africa, Kenya, France, Bulgaria, Germany, and throughout Italy.

In November of 2020, Daudia published their first EP, An Unplugged Merry Christmas, arranged with ukulele, guitarlele and U•BASS®, and followed this with their debut LP All Around the Pop in May of 2021. The duo frequently play both their Flame Maple Concert Ukulele and Striped Ebony U•BASS®, as well as their trusty Pink Sparkle Concert Ukulele.

Ukulele of Choice
Solid Acacia Tenor Cutaway w/ EQ

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