Kala Brand Music Co. 2018 New Ukulele Spread

NAMM 2018 New Ukulele Preview

We are excited to share all of the new Kala ukulele making their debut at NAMM 2018. We’ve already previewed our new accessories and updated products as well as our new U•Basses. Now it’s on to the ukes!

Kala Brand Music Co. 2018 New KA-15 Series Ukulele Spread

First off, we are expanding our KA-15 Series to include Concert and Tenor sizes, a Long Neck Soprano, and a Black Satin Soprano (coming soon). The KA-15 Series features one of Kala’s flagship ukes, the best-selling KA-15S Soprano ukulele, and now you can get a KA-15 ukulele in a size, stain, and wood type that suits you and your style best. Play one of these new models for yourself and find out why the KA-15S is one of the most popular ukes in the world.

Kala Brand Music Co. Ziricote and Exotic Mahogany Baritone Ukulele

We are also showing the baritone players some love with two new ukes for 2018. We are adding Exotic Mahogany and Ziricote Baritones (coming soon) to the line up, bringing our total Baritone options to over a dozen models to choose from. The Exotic Mahogany Baritone has a traditional look highlighted by unique grain patterns from a wavy curl to a straight sharpness. The Exotic Mahogany has a balanced tone prized for its volume and articulation. The Ziricote Baritone is a rich, dark, chocolate brown with a unique web-like wood grain with a strip of honey blonde Sapwood in the center. The tone is bright and deep, with abundant bass and clear treble. An often overlooked demographic, baritone players have something to get excited about!

Kala Brand Music Co. Makala Sharks Shark Fin Gray and Sea Urchin Purple Concert Ukulele

Last year we held a survey via email and Facebook to help us decide which Makala Shark colors to add to our collection of Concert Sharks. We received an overwhelming response and the final results are in: 2018 will see the addition of Shark Fin Gray and Sea Urchin Purple Concert Sharks (coming soon). The fun and colorful Sharks are perfect for any player to sink their teeth into! Brighten up your collection with one of the many color options available.

Kala Brand Music Co. Makala Classic MK-T Tenor Ukulele Pack


Finally, we are adding a Makala MK-T Pack (coming soon) that includes a Makala Classic Tenor ukulele, a clip-on tuner, a gig bag, and an instruction pamphlet to get you started on your ukulele adventure. You can also download the FREE Kala Ukulele App (Apple Store or Google Play) or check out our online lessons to bolster your learning. The MK-T Pack comes with everything you’ll need to get yourself started on a lifetime of music. The entire line of Makala Packs are getting new packaging.

If you’ll be at NAMM, stop by the Kala booth and say “hi.” We'll be in Hall D, booth #4804, and we'll have all of these new ukes and more for you to check out and play for yourself.

What new Kala uke are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments.

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